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Smart City

The word Smart has been defined by many people in different periods of time. This definition has been taken forward by many avant grades to define the concept of Smart City. But there is still a question. What is actually a Smart City means? Alongside the definition there are many things that come to define smart city. It can therefore be taken as there is no definition of smart city. The definition of smart city varies according to the sense and the concept of the people. With the change that is taking place very day the definition of smart city also changes. From place to place to the country this definition changes with the change in time.

This definition of smart city is different in India with the definition of Europe and other countries. For an Indian people the definition of smart city means the new way of living. This living has the list of the things that he wishes to live with the best in class infrastructure and facilities. On the other hand for a rural people it means the development of all the systems that he/she has been acquainted with living. Therefore it can be said that the definition of smartness depends on the overall growth of the system in a very smarter way that really looks attractive.

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