Delhi Awas Mission is a dream project for the residents of Delhi as it is the perfect example of luxury meeting affordability. It gives preference to women empowerment and therefore makes one-third of
the houses available for women. This would not only benefit the working women but the homemakers too. The project has the unique selling point that is Co-operative Housing Society or CGHS.

There will be no unfair means of allotting the homes but a lucky draw. 200 homes are there for grab through this draw. The registration fee is only Rs 21,000 while the minimum price of a home is Rs 18.50
lakh. Talking about the types of homes, there are three categories, each of them being unique and gorgeous. Better hurry up as such lucrative offers don’t last long and so is with this project. The
registration starts from the 10 th of Feb’17 till the 3 rd of Mar’17.