The well-known Revanta State Co-operative Group Housing Society under the reputed Master Plan Delhi, 2021 is presenting a novice yet affordable scheme of housing in Delhi. The scheme by the name of Smart City Delhi Awas Mission is aimed at providing comfortability at a cost unbelievable. A person who through living in Delhi wasn’t that cheap can now fulfill the desire by paying only Rs 18, 50,000. The offer is out in the open for professionals of all sectors. But the catch is that the availability is limited and confined to 200 units. Only those lucky draw winners will win those affordable homes. There are the following home types- Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3. Type 1 is the 1 BHK with an area of 450 square feet, Type 2 is the 2 BHK with an area of 750 square feet and Type 3 is the 3 BHK with an area of 1050 square feet. Each of the types has finalized a registration amount for Rs 21, 000. The cost of the form is Rs 200 and is available for all. This plan empowers women with a 33% reservation booked under them.

MPD-2021 is the talk of the town with a vision to cater to the need of the future population. It aims at providing “Housing for All by 2022”. All the infrastructural benefits like roads, sewerages, healthcare, sanitation and other basic needs are included within the scheme to make the living for people not only easy but comfortable at the same time. DDA has been found to be able to accommodate 1.5 crore people out of the 1.7 crore people. MPD -2021 aims at making the gap filled to provide homes for all.Don’t miss this golden opportunity that awaits you.